gangs of teradeso
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Gangs of Teradeso

Take an adventure through the Old West in Gangs of Teradeso. This unique card game is actually 2 games in one, each with its own set of rules and strategic implications. 

Gangs of Teradeso Version 1
Engage in a trick-taking card game and form the best gang in Teradeso. At the end of every round, collect gold by using your gang to rustle horses, rob a train, or a number of other criminal activities. Be careful, though. If your gang gets too big, you’ll lose morale--and gold.

Gangs of Teradeso Version 2
Start each round with gold. Use your riches to bid against other players and recruit the gang members who are best suited to carry out your randomly-assigned criminal activities.

Gangs of Teradeso: Baseball

We will also be releasing Gangs of Teradeso:Baseball, a fast-paced tabletop baseball game played with dice. Choose your pitchers. Set your lineup. And Incorporate real baseball strategy as you try to win the pennant in the Teradeso Baseball League.

Each team has 12 players. All 48 characters from Gangs of Teradeso are included. There are rules for single games, a playoff series, a full season, and an extended 5-season venture.

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