Coming 2023

What is Kanduro?

The country of Kanduro is in crisis. The United Republic, Kanduro’s neighbor to the east, has declared war on the country. The United Republic has also warned other neighboring countries about harboring Kanduran citizens.

The war has destroyed homes. Food and water are scarce. Brave Kanduran citizens are deciding whether or not to seek refuge in Danden, Tunkado, or Bengeruk. But getting to one of those countries will be an arduous journey with danger every step of the way.

About the Game

The goal of Kanduro is to serve as an educational tool and show how difficult a refugee’s journey to asylum can be.

Kanduro is a fully-cooperative game. Players work together to determine the best path forward for their convoy of refugees. Resources are shared by everyone playing, so players must agree on the best ways to utilize their money, time, and supplies.

Players must also agree on which route to take. There are 3 options: Land, Sea, or Mix. The convoy will be forced to change its route many times during the game, so players must continually discuss what to do next.

Decisions can be brutally hard, and the journey can come to a sad and abrupt halt.

Some predicaments have remedies. For instance, you may be able to save refugees in your convoy from a capsized boat if you have purchased lifejackets. However, if you encounter armed forces or border guards from the United Republic or one of its allies, your convoy will be detained, and the game is over.

Ending the Game

Kanduro has a maximum of 12 turns. Some decisions will cause you to lose “time,” which means you lose that turn. The goal is to get to one of three countries.

On the 8th turn, your convoy will reach Danden. Refugees will be safe here, but there are few jobs, and social support is low. After this turn, you will decide whether to end the game or continue your journey.

At the end of your 10th turn, you will reach Tunkado. Refugees will be safe, and there is a moderate amount of jobs and happiness. Again, you may stop your journey here or continue.

If your convoy makes it through the 12th turn, you have reached Bengeruk. This is one of the wealthiest, most diverse countries in the region. Jobs are plentiful, and the country offers the most social support. This country gives your convoy of refugees the best opportunities to raise their families.

Current Status

Kanduro is currently in the design phase. We hope to release the game in 2023.